Auckland War Memorial Museum – Best Place for History Buffs

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About Auckland War Memorial Museum –

The Auckland War Memorial Museum, also known as The Tamaki Paenga Hira is one of the must-see spots in this beautiful city. This museum has all that you need to know about the rich culture and history of New Zealand, and specifically Auckland. It is a refreshing break from all the tourist stuff that people usually get stuck doing. Engaging in history gives people a better view and understanding of the place and helps you understand the region and culture better.
This museum focuses on the military as well as the natural history of New Zealand, giving a holistic overview of the region. The museum building in itself is a sight to behold – with its neo-classicist architectural style, it is a great attraction for architecture enthusiasts as well. The whole museum building is erected on a grassed plinth, which is basically the remains of a sleeping volcano. All these tiny details make this place super special to visit and know more about.

Auckland war memorial Museum

Love of history buffs

History buffs would absolutely love this place. Established in 1852, this museum is New Zealand’s first museum which is now adored worldwide, thanks to the amount of great history the place holds. It tells the great untold stories of New Zealanders and all the Pacific people. Stuff that usually gets lost in time. But this museum makes sure to tell it all. This museum is home to the three best libraries and is open to the public to access and read up on the rich Pacific culture. This museum is a tribute to all the people who lost their lives at war and also their families who had to go through so much grief and turmoil due to the intense historical baggage of the war.

The people of Auckland had to pay a huge price for World War II, and almost four thousand people lost their lives. Although this is the sad and grim reality of war, the museum accurately captures the sentiments of all Aucklanders and pays a tribute to their selfless sacrifices in a beautiful way.

Beautiful Surrounding

A beautiful frieze runs around the other part of the museum building which instantly draws everyone’s attention. The best part about the beautiful frieze is that is shows all the different scenes of World War I. depictions of World War II can also be seen on the extension of the museum building. The frieze also shows all the armed servicemen who were involved in the war.
The main door of the museum is bronze and has an intricate poppy design. This was done intentionally as the poppy is the symbol of death in a war. The reason for this symbolization is because poppy flowers sprung up where dead soldiers had been buried in Europe. This poppy theme is a constant in the theme of this amazing museum which captures the turmoil and sadness of war in a beautiful and somber manner.

This museum has been maintained very well and till date receives a very high footfall even from international tourists who are in the city to explore. You should definitely not miss this awesome attraction!


2C/1 Tika Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand


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