The Beautiphi team have been busy, appearing in several articles in magazines and newspapers in both New Zealand and Australia. Experts in platelet-rich plasma, and injectable fillers, they are leaders in these fields of cosmetic medicine. Read here to see what is happening at the cutting edge of Appearance Medicine.

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Four Neurotoxin Products, Used to Treat Wrinkles and Difference among Them

There are currently four neurotoxin products on the market: Botox, Neuronox, Dysport, and Xeomin. These are all forms of neurotoxins that your medical professional injects to relax the muscles that are making unwanted wrinkles and facial expressions. These toxins are also effective treatments for decreasing sweating in certain areas of the body. Here, I’ll give you a quick overview of […]
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Tips to Make Your Botox®/Xeomin® and Dysport® Treatments Even Better

Botox®/Xeomin® & Dysport® are three of the most popular non-invasive plastic surgery procedures today. Made of botulinum toxin, the three similar products are injected into the skin to temporarily freeze the muscles underneath the skin. This, in turn, causes the overlying wrinkles and lines to smooth out for a younger-looking appearance. Avoid Rubbing the Treatment Area and Lying Flat for […]
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Male Pattern Hair Loss

Advice On Treatment Options Your treatment options depend on your stage of hair loss and how much effort and money you want to commit. OPTION 1. DO NOTHING – ANY STAGE If it all seems to you to be not worth the effort then at least get a medical checkup to assess your risk of the metabolic syndrome and later […]

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