Kylie Jenner’s filler-less look – How to safely remove lip fillers

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Shakespeare’s plays are divided into comedies, tragedies, and the problem plays, and perhaps each of us might have different opinions about which category to place the Kardashians into. They do, however, definitely get a lot more screen time than the old bard does these days.
Kylie Jenner (OK, not a Kardashian, but the same reality show family), who at just 20 years old has her own beauty brand and line of cosmetics, is also well known for her use of appearance medicine to enhance her natural beauty.

Kylie Jenner's filler-less look - How to safely remove lip fillers

Last week, Kylie revealed on Instagram that she is no longer enhancing her lips with fillers. “I got rid of all my filler” she responded to a commentator who mentioned she looked different. Kylie has admitted in the past to enhancing her lips with temporary fillers, to gain full, rounded, plump lips. Temporary fillers are just that, temporary, lasting from 6 months to a year, depending on the type of temporary filler used. So, without repeat maintenance, the fullness will naturally and gradually resolve.

Kylie also welcomed a little bundle of joy into the family, and fillers are advised against when pregnant. So this points to a natural resolve of her fillers over time, without maintenance shots, rather than actually ‘getting rid of them’.

Kylie Jenner's filler-less look - How to safely remove lip fillers

Safely Resolving effects of the fillers –

It is also possible to have a unique enzyme product called Hylase injected into the area where filler has been used. This dissolves temporary fillers, giving an almost immediate resolve from the effects of the fillers. With an experienced injector though, this shouldn’t really need doing, and at between $550-900 for many fillers, it is a last resort. Experienced injectors know where to put filler and in what amounts. This depends on whether your desire is for plumper, fuller lips, the look Kylie first became famous for, or simply for more definition, in which case we focus on the edges more.

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