The Beautiphi team have been busy, appearing in several articles in magazines and newspapers in both New Zealand and Australia. Experts in platelet-rich plasma, and injectable fillers, they are leaders in these fields of cosmetic medicine. Read here to see what is happening at the cutting edge of Appearance Medicine.

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Otoplasty Procedure (ear-pinning surgery) – Everything You Need to Know

I have been working alongside Dr Taylor and recently assisted him in several of these surgeries. They are amazing and so clever with how it all works. I thought it would be interesting to write a blog post about it and if any of you are bothered by ears that stick out further than you are comfortable with; this is […]
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Ageing and Glycation

What is Glycation? As we age, and when we consume too many sugary or high-glycemic foods, these sugars react with proteins and fats in an abnormal way, producing harmful molecules called “advanced glycation endproducts” (AGEs).  This process is called “glycation.” AGES inactivate the body’s natural repair system, making skin more prone to damage. The more AGEs we have in our bodies, […]
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Beautiphi Body Balance

Just as part of the Beautiphi principle is to enhance the outer appearance, we also acknowledge the role that nutrition has in achieving the best possible outcomes. Mother nature uses phi in all her calculations – it is nature’s mathematical formula for balance and harmony. Both the external world and the inner structures of our bodies need this balance and […]
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Wrinkles Treatment with Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers

There are a few different reasons to have treatment with botulinum toxin (Dysport® or Botox® or Xeomin®) and dermal filler. Prevention of new wrinkles is one of the most important reasons, as well as the softening of the current lines. The treatment of wrinkles depends on whether they are Dynamic lines – wrinkles that are made worse when you animate or […]

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