The Beautiphi team have been busy, appearing in several articles in magazines and newspapers in both New Zealand and Australia. Experts in platelet-rich plasma, and injectable fillers, they are leaders in these fields of cosmetic medicine. Read here to see what is happening at the cutting edge of Appearance Medicine.

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Change your skin, change your life – U225 Gun

Beautiphi is the first clinic in New Zealand to offer treatments using the latest technology in appearance medicine – the ‘U225 injector gun’. The U225 gun is based on aeronautical industry technology – it introduces a robust delivery device resulting in an almost painless treatment. The U225 gun combines needling and cannula into one treatment process – what’s more, the […]
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Change your skin, change your life – PRP

Part One – PRP Platelet Rich Plasma (also known as The Vampire Facelift): Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a great treatment for rejuvenating your skin. PRP has been used as a treatment in NZ since 2009, however with new developments and more positive results being discovered about PRP it is becoming increasingly popular. Platelet Rich Plasma PRP works by extracting […]
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How long can Botulinum Toxin Type A last?

An interesting study, amongst many others, has been done regarding the length of time Botulinum Toxins can actually last. In my experience, if you are very regular with your treatments, you can slowly, slowly lengthen out the time between treatments. So starting with 3.5 months apart treatments, then inching them out to 4 monthly then slowly longer and longer. I […]
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Vampire Facial vs Vampire Facelift

Stacey is one of the New Zealand trainers for all the doctors and nurses in New Zealand for Regen Platelet Rich Plasma, otherwise known as the Vampire Facelift. At Ever Young all the nurses are trained in Platelet Rich Plasma in either of these modalities.  At Beautiphi and Clinic Eleven we also practice all these modalities. Vampire Facial A Vampire […]

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