Cutting Edge Hair Loss Therapies

October 12, 2011 Written by Beautiphi - 0 Comments

The first medical practitioner to begin trials with natural hair rejuvenation was Dr Greco in Florida using PRP injected into the scalp.

PRP has been proven to regrow lost hair in most people.  Men and women both respond to this treatment.

In 2019 more treatments are coming out that have been shown to help replenish hair growth.  Using multiple modalities alongside PRP seem to have a better response than one modality alone.

We also have integrated into Beautiphi, a Healite 2, the most expensive, most advanced LED light treatment available.  A range of options are available.

Anyone interested in these treatments can book a consultation with  Stacey (RN) through the Beautiphi booking number 0223837968 as she is currently one of the leading practitioners in this treatment in New Zealand.


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