About Skin – 17 Skin Care Tips


About Skin – 17 Skin Care Tips

1. Your skincare routine should be kept simple and effective.  If you complicate it you will be less likely to continue using the right products for your skin.

2. Don’t cleanse in the shower.  This water is hard and comes down onto the skin which is delicate.  This will strip the skin of its natural oils preventing the skin to heal.

3. Don’t just use any sunblock.  A sunblock is going to be your biggest weapon against ageing as in New Zealand the sun causes up to 80% of visible signs of aging.  Being your most important home care product use a good one.  A good one should have 18% plus zinc in the formulation, as this ingredient is a physical block and the only one proven to reflect UVA.  The only other form of sunblock you should be using is a doctor’s formula liposome lotion (Acpinica) which acts as a physical block.

4. Do wear sunblock every day and reapply.  Even if you spend most of the day inside there are windows where rays can penetrate and lighting that emits UV light.  In the winter you will still get UV exposure, especially in New Zealand where we have a huge hole in our ozone.

5. Do wash your hands before cleansing.  This is due to the bacteria contact on the hands and if you have open lesions or spots you will allow the bacteria in, this can lead to secondary infection.

6. Don’t pick your spots.  This will allow bacteria in and possible secondary infection.  Also may lead to scarring.

7. Don’t overuse grainy exfoliators.  If a manual exfoliator is recommended to you use it once a week.  Excessive use will strip the skin and prevent healing.  Also, let the exfoliator work for you don’t rub it hard into the skin.

8. Do stop using a new product when your skin becomes tight and red.  This is a pre-reaction and if you stop it in the early stages you will still be able to use the product by slowly adding it to your skin routine.  Contact your therapist for advice.

9. Don’t over-cleanse.  When cleansing the skin make it quick and fuss-free especially if you have problem skin, as the less you play with it the quicker the skin will heal.

10. Do take essential fatty acids.  These are well documented to help hydrate the surface layer of the skin and reduce sensitivities.  Good quality fish oil or flax is recommended.

11. Remember cosmetic products purchased in supermarkets have few active ingredients so are not strong enough to make physical changes to the skin.

12. There are very few ingredients that absorb into the skin due to the size of the molecule in the ingredient and the fact that your skin is a protective barrier.

13. All homecare routines should have active ingredients in them usually in the form of a serum.  The most important is Vitamin A.  The rest depends on the skin condition.  Remember these serums physically improve the skin and maintain health they also prep you for the treatment.  Without active ingredients in your homecare, your skin will not improve and you will not get the full results from treatment.

14. Our main focus is not on the upper epidermis layers of the skin but down deeper at the dermis level where all the action takes place.  The dermis is the layer that thins with age and premature damage, this layer’s well-being is what affects the functions of the upper epidermis.

15. All our treatments at About Skin are about improving your skin’s functions creating a healthy glowing youthful appearance.  We believe that everyone deserves great-looking skin.

16. When using serums on the skin, apply first before moisturizer.  Always wait until the Serums have absorbed, then apply your next layer. (about 15 minutes)

17. At About Skin, we are very results-driven.  Once we have achieved results from treatments, maintenance is essential.  In New Zealand, we don’t have the luxury of not caring for our skin, therefore, ongoing medical strength products and treatments are a must.

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