Acne – Milia Treatment with Microderm & ASAP Peels

Acne – Milia Treatment with Microderm & ASAP Peels


This is our friend Tony. He has had really bad milia (large white pimple like lumps under the skin) so we endeavored to treat it.

This is the left-hand side of his face, one side was worse than the other. I forgot to get pre-treatment photos, but this is as we were doing the treatments to him.


This is with the asap peel on his face which we put on firstly to soften his skin, as it has become rough and thickened over the milia. It’s important to encourage sloughing off of dead skin cells to brighten the skin and decrease the congestion in the pores.


This is with the microderm treatment which involves light crystals sort of sand blasting the skin but super gently and a vacuum encouraging blood circulation to the surface. It is fantastic for acne as it increases the turn over of the skin cells decreasing blockages in the pores. Normally you would have this treatment once a month however with this sort of skin we did Tony once a week for 6 weeks. This first treatment was 31st May 2010

This is after the microderm treatment 31st March 2010


Another photo of after microderm 31st March 2010


After softening the skin with the ASAP peel and then the microderm treatment it was a lot easier to do extractions, the milia only needed a little encouragement to squeeze out and didn’t mark the skin very much.

This photo is taken 7 June, one week later after a microderm followed by an ASAP JP-40 peel, we believe the peel should be done after the microderm, the JP-40 peel is a very strong peel. More extracting….as you can see the progress is really good after just one week….unfortunately we were unable to get any more photos of Tony after this but you can see how it was progressing.

Tony’s face from the other side…after microderm and ASAP JP-40 peel. In future it would help for Tony to shave regularly, as this causes exfoliation of the skin and helps sloughing off dead skin, and he should have regular treatments about monthly to maintain this look. RESULT: brighter skin, less milia, less aged looking skin.  I think he is looking great!! and thank you so much Tony for letting me put your photos up on my blog xx.