Lips to die for

Plump, plush, full lips …. beautiful and sexy.

Most women coming to my clinic tell me they definitely do NOT want lips like the women on Married at First Sight.  However, some do want sightly plumper, lusher lips.  As we age our lips become thinner – filling lips can give you a refreshed look.

You can decide which type of lips you prefer.  We can make your lips natural, not too much larger, but more shapely – or larger and plusher if that is the look you are going for.  There are essentially 3 different grades of fillers to give you different looks – we choose a specific filler depending on which look you prefer.

The other way to work with lips is how they are injected.  Some people want the lip lines around their lips softened, some have thin lips and want a little more body to their lips.  Injecting at different angles can bring the lips out differently, or we can inject around the lips and above the lips to fill in the lip lines.

If you have a downward-turned mouth, with a shadow down the area of the chin we call the marionettes, like puppet lines, we can fill these shadows and use a special technique to stop you having a grumpy shape to your mouth.

Some people can swell after fillers – all swelling should settle within a week.

The first photo shows my lips with no fillers.

This second photo shows my lips with what is now called Belotero Balance…..a light weight regular grade of filler that gives a lip a natural look.  A lovely soft roundness and a bounce feel.

The below filler is the next grade, or size up, which gives a bigger fuller look.  This can work in someone with larger lips but if you have small lips like mine they just look heaps bigger. If you want the big look this is the grade you go for or if you have large lips you will need this bigger grade of filler.

Hyaluronic Acid, the filler we use for lips, attracts 1,000 times its weight in water.  You will find if you hydrate well you get a better result in your lips as your lips are not as dry with hyaluronic acid fillers in them.  Some days you may feel that your lips have gone down – drink some water and they will plump back up again.
One is about 4,000 people process hyaluronic acid very quickly, and these people will have trouble with fillers. It is very rare – most likely, if you think your filler has gone, it’s because you need to drink more water.