Change your skin, change your life – U225 Gun

Beautiphi is the first clinic in New Zealand to offer treatments using the latest technology in appearance medicine – the ‘U225 injector gun’. The U225 gun is based on aeronautical industry technology – it introduces a robust delivery device resulting in an almost painless treatment. The U225 gun combines needling and cannula into one treatment process – what’s more, the pain is tolerable without the need for numbing cream. The U225 gun revolutionizes the way we deliver treatments – faster treatment time and less pain. PRP is autologous, which means it’s from your own body, so there are no allergic reactions, as it is your own blood. It has a healing effect and the results we are getting with Beautiphi clients are amazing. If you want a deeply hydrated skin, you have to try this treatment. Some of our clients are using less and fewer botulinum toxins (Botox and Dysport) and dermal fillers, instead preferring the more natural results which come from using the healing properties from their own blood. We treated Stacey’s mother with PRP after a difficult skin graft, which initially looked like it was not going to take – within one week, the skin graft was almost fully healed. A 65-year-old woman client with a seriously wrinkled, sagging neck, looked unrecognizable after nine months. Her skin was glowing – there was a minimal sag in her skin and a huge decrease in wrinkles.  PRP is a truly wonderful treatment and we can’t recommend it enough.     Other Resources You May Like To Read: All About Botox How Botox Differ From Dysport?