Dermal Re-modelling – All You Need To Know

Dermal Re-modelling – All You Need To Know

What does micro needling do?

Micro needling uses tiny, surgical grade needles to create a small amount of trauma to a specific depth within the skin. This provokes the body’s own wound healing mechanism and promotes the growth of stronger, healthier skin. Micro needling is also great for addressing scarring by breaking up scar tissue and stimulating tissue repair. It is also used for pigmentation – by breaking up pigment and seeding melanocytes, thus creating a more even skin tone. 

What does Radio frequency do?

Radio frequency creates heat in the dermis. This heat causes micro trauma which triggers wound healing as well as is a huge stimulant for cells called fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are responsible collagen production and skin integrity. When we get older, our cells turn over slower and collagen production decreases. Stimulating Fibroblasts is a great way to get the skin behaving more youthfully.

When can I go back to work After I Get Dermal Re-modelling Treatment done?

You can go back to work directly after treatment so long as you do not have an outdoor job or a job that may expose you to pathogens. It is important to keep your skin clean after treatment, so it is best to take it easy. Most of our clients go back to work the next day.

Does the Secret Dermal Re-modelling Treatment hurt?

We use a numbing cream to make the treatment more comfortable. Some clients describe the treatment as feeling warm while others say it feels cold, depending on how their brain interprets the sensation of the numbing cream. There will be a few moments where you are aware you are having treatment, often with a pain score of 1 or 2 out of 10 being reported.  We will talk to you throughout the treatment to monitor how you are feeling.

When can I put on makeup?

You can put on makeup the day after treatment.

How often do I have to have The Secret?

You can have a one-off treatment or you can opt to have a series of treatments. Depending on your concerns, you may decide to have more or less.  Clients who are aiming to slow the ageing process or maintain their healthy skin, may have one or two treatments a year. Clients with a specific concern, like acne scarring or severe ageing will need more sessions to see the best results.

How long will the results last?

We are always ageing and with each decade our body and cells behave differently. High intensity skin treatments, like The Secret, will help you move forward with stronger skin and more collagen. So, although it would be nice to say that a specific treatment will last a certain amount of time, this is not possible. 

If The Secret is being used to help with acne scarring, the improvements seen in the scarred tissue are lifelong. The Secret helps to break up dis-organised tissue and prompts the growth of more coherent, less scarred skin.

I’m afraid of needles! Can I still have The Secret?

The needles used for The Secret treatment are hidden in a cartridge, meaning you will never see the needles. We are also very empathetic to your concerns and will take time coaching you through the treatment. Rest assured, we will try to make the experience comfortable for you and will use all the tricks we know to try and distract you from the needles.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women have The Secret?

Firstly, congratulations. And secondly, no. We will be here for you after you have had baby and have finished breast feeding. 

What are the best skin care products to use after The Secret?

Everyone’s skin is different! Different age groups and different skin types require different strategies. We will be happy to recommend a regime that suits your skin and works well with treatment. Bring your skincare products to your first appointment and we will happily make suggestions about any tweaks that might optimise your results.

Can all skin types have The Secret?

Yes! We may alter the settings on the machine to make the treatment more suitable for your skin type, but other than that, The Secret is great for all skin types, tones and skin qualities. 

Can I have The Secret if I have dermal filler, or threads?

Yes you can. Please wait 3 weeks after these treatments before having The Secret

What can The Secret do for my acne scarring?

The Secret can help break up pock marks and tethered scarring. It will promote the creation of more coherent skin structure, resulting in less indentations and scarring. Acne scarring can also create hypo or hyper pigmentation, resulting in a light and dark patches. The Secret will help seed melanocytes throughout the skin resulting in a more even skin tone.

Who is the best candidate for The Secret? 

It is excellent for maintaining youthful skin or for improving skin quality in clients who have signs of ageing. This treatment is great for anyone who is actively trying to prevent the signs of ageing and also for those with more specific concerns. Treatment settings will be altered to suit your skin’s needs.