What is Intense Pulsed Light? (IPL)

Natasha Salt Sheds light on Intense Pulsed Light Therapy –

I have been at several salons lately with my work, and continually hear IPL bandied about but no one is setting light to me as to what it is and what it does and why it is so wonderful.

I have managed to pin down Natasha to shed some light on it and in a later article, I will also consult with some other beauty therapists to get some more opinions.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy – Effective for skin rejuvenation

IPL is used for rejuvenation (making older skin and wrinkles etc fade away) decreasing red veins, but mainly for decreasing pigmentation in the skin and for hair removal.

*Skin rejuvenation (wrinkles)

*Pigmentation and age spots

*Spider veins and redness

*Stretch marks and scars (fresh)

*Large pores and more

IPL uses different light spectrum and different wavelengths of power which are attracted to different colours. So if you have dark pigmentation or dark hair, the more heat that the IPL light will produce, so the light is more effective. This means also that blondes will have a less effective result.

However, at some salons, have IPL machines with radiofrequency as well which can be activated and the IPL current directs the direction down the hair shaft and the radio frequency creates the heat. Radiofrequency is a similar current to electrolysis.

Frequently Asked Question about Intense Light Therapy

I keep hearing about people getting burned or stripes?

  • The machine cant differentiate between hair and skin, so you need to shave the hair so the hair is not lying against the skin.
  • You cant use fake tan or have a suntan before IPL because it cant differentiate colour so it could burn because it would create heat on the brown.
  • Darker coloured people would need more sessions at a lower frequency so they don’t burn.

Why specifically do you get stripes though?

If you are over-treated, the specialist goes over the area too much or if it’s for pigmentation and you are doing a whole face, the first time you hold the machine one way across the face, and in the next session you would go the other way, and that would fix the stripes. Although sometimes the stripes can be burnt.

I was asked to buy $200 worth of creams before I could be treated? is it necessary?

Unless your skin is highly dehydrated requirements for particular skin products is a ploy. It is true that you do get better results if you use better products but it is NOT necessary to use clinics products to get IPL no matter how fabulous the machine.

This client tells me this is a special MEDICAL GRADE machine, does this make it better than any other IPL machine?

Doctors or medical staff should only really use these. They include a laser which hurts more-it’s a higher form of IPL and can cause more damage if not operated properly. For hair removal or pigmentation, you get just as good a result without the pain of the medical grade laser with a beauty therapy IPL machine.

At Beautiphi we now have a Neogenplasma Machine.  Even more amazing than IPL machines.

Intense Light Therapy

   Intense Light Therapy

   Intense Light Therapy

   Intense Light Therapy

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