Quick Overview of Dysport®/Botox®

It is a really good idea, it has recently been discovered, to start scrunching up the muscles you are wanting to relax one to two hours ahead of time to make the product more effective.

It is mostly used in the beauty market for taking away frown lines, crows feet and to stop sweating.

There are about 5 tiny injections done on the forehead where you frown, or 3 injections by your eye to stop crows feet
The injections feel like small quick little bee stings, sometimes they don’t hurt at all. We use the tiniest needles.
Only a very minuscule amount of the product is injected into the muscles. It takes up to 2 weeks to take effect. We usually would like to see you 2 weeks from your injections to determine that it has worked effectively in the way we want it to and if there are any issues we fix them at this appointment as this is when we know it is most effective.

Some people report it taking effect the next day but until 2 weeks we cant be sure of the total effect so that is when we like to see you again. The effect wears off in about 3.5 months, sometimes longer depending how strong your muscles are and how often you would use them…….for example under the arms to stop sweating usually lasts about 6 months as the tiny muscles under your arm when you sweat are not very strong or being used generally as much as your face muscles.

You cannot have these injections if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You must stay upright for at least 4 hours after you have had injections in your face and it is a good idea to scrunch up your muscles that have been injected for an hour after the injection to work it more into the muscles we want to stop moving.
It is important not to rub the area afterwards until at least the next day, do not have a facial afterwards!!!!

You can develop antibodies if you have injections too frequently so it is advised not to have any closer than 2 months apart. On the occasional people, the injections are not effective and we can redo you, but it is still better to wait these 2 months as you can develop antibodies to this product.

The whole procedure should take no more than 10 minutes but if you are afraid of needles we can go slowly and give you something to squeeze to distract you from the needle.

Only trained Doctors and Nurses can inject Botox® and Dysport®!!

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