Severe Acne – A.S.A.P. Products & Microdermabrasion

My son Alexander (17 years old) has severe acne and has had all through puberty, so we are on a mission to find out what the best treatments are to ‘cure’ him of it.  We will have a photographic trail of his skin from when we started to trial microdermabrasion and ASAP products.  He is on a regime of microdermabrasion about every 2 weeks and the ASAP peel alternatively, and he is using the ASAP range of anti acne products all the time.  He has also been on Doxycycline for 6 months of which he has run out, but we are lining him up a new prescription. He has had blue light treatments twice, and a little galvanic current as well but it didnt make much difference for him.  Perhaps he needed more treatments, another boy round the same age has shown us his skin which responded well to 3 blue light treatments.  Blue light is a therapy which nukes, so to speak, the bacteria inside the skin causing the acne.  Red light is another therapy which is known to heal skin. Doxycycline is an antibiotic, specifically prescribed for skin ailments, and for acne, is supposed to take about a year to work, although i’ve heard the acne can come back as soon as you stop taking it.  Alex had SERIOUSLY bad acne and when he first started taking the Doxycycline all the infection started to pour out of his skin, it was really disgusting……now his skin seems to have settled to a certain place and is not improving any more…..with the microdermabrasion, really thorough microdermabrasion, his skin has improved further, and we are working with ASAP products. Daily exfoliating facial scrub he uses twice a week, when he doesn’t use this he uses the daily facial cleanser.  He follows either of these with clear skin gel, daily moisturizer  plus sunscreen factor 30+ he uses twice a day…..very important when you are using AHAs (these loosen the glue like substance which hold the dead cells to the skin) to give extra protection to your skin. We can get you any of the range of ASAP products, or you can follow this link and it has a range of stockists available as well as more detail about the ASAP products.  ASAP is an Australian brand and I will talk about some other of their products I have found to be fantastic in other areas of this blog.  I’ll update this post as well as we discover more relating to Alex’s skin. You can get this skincare or light treatments at