Super Quick Overview of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Incredible results are being shown with this treatment which is already widely used in Sydney but relatively new to New Zealand.

We take some of your blood. Centrifuge it with a special gel which separates the Platelet Rich Plasma from the red cells. We draw off the PRP, adding an anticoagulant compound to ensure it doesn’t clot until we have finished injecting it.

After applying a numbing cream or gel to your face and neck we make lots of little injections all over the areas to be treated.

PRP Shot – Sexual Rejuvenation for Men and Women

Results of PRP Treatment

  1. Massively improved skin tone
  2. Pore size is decreased
  3. Crepe effect on the skin disappears
  4. Lines are reduced.
  5. Confidence is increased.

It draws collagen to the area, grows new tissue and blood vessels bringing more nutrients to your skin.

Cost is about $550 per tube needing 2 tubes for your face, 2 for your neck and you can add tubes for décolletage etc…one treatment a month for 3 months then one treatment 6-12 monthly for maintenance.

Before treatment

After Treatment

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