Bunny lines treatment – remove nose wrinkles


Tiny injections to relax the bunny muscles

Recovery Time

10 minutes. Takes 2 weeks to work.


6 weeks - 3 months

Bunny lines – FAQ and Treatment –

Bunny lines are quite a common symptom that some of us, but not all of us, have. These are lines that scrunch up when you wrinkle up your nose; like a bunny.

If you look into the mirror and frown, some of us push down from our forehead and that makes the lines across the nose. Some of us often express by bunnying up; screwing up our noses – a lot. I do it, and this is what makes the lines across the top of the nose and the fanning on the sides of our noses making it look like bunny lines.

If we don’t treat these bunny lines while treating other lines on our face, these begin to look stronger and deeper while other lines lighten up, creating an uneven and less attractive appearance. So for some, it’s a great treatment to have done by your Registered Cosmetic Nurse.

This area is an off label usage. Reference: Rzany. 1st meeting of experts Botulinumtoxin A in Aesthetic Dermatology. Kosmetische Medizin Cosmetic Medicine 2003;1-7

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