Grumpy Mouth Lines


Tiny injections to relax muscles

Recovery Time

10 minutes


3-9 months

What are grumpy mouth lines?

grumpy mouth lines, or DAOs (Depressor Anguli Oris), are muscles which pull downwards for some expressions and leave downward lines beside your mouth.

Why treat grumpy mouth lines?

As you age, if you express this way heavily and leave these lines untreated, you will have an exaggeration of the lines under your mouth stamped on your face all the time. Botulinum is a fantastic treatment here for those that need it. It can also give a lovely turn up at the sides of the mouth.

This area is an off-label usage. Reference: Rzany. 1st meeting of experts Botulinum toxin A in Aesthetic Dermatology. Kosmetische Medizin Cosmetic Medicine 2003;1-7

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