micro injections to skin surface to relax tiny muscles


1 day


3-6 months

What is the MicroBotox system?

The Microbotox system is the revolutionary latest solution to all the skin problems, and is available from Beautiphi’s appearance medicine professionals!

Don’t like needles? Want to tackle the signs of ageing, yet want a more natural-looking result? Want to reduce pore size? Have trouble with acne or oily skin? Consult a Beautiphi professional today!

How MicroBotox works?

The Microbotox system utilises a unique applicator with 21 tiny gold needles on the surface plate of the applicator. This allows your trained medical professional to deliver small amounts of diluted botox and/or a combination of dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, and other moisturising and rejuvenating goodies, into the areas of your skin where they are needed most.

The Microbotox applicator allows painless delivery into targeted areas just under the surface layer of the skin, unlike traditional botox needles which go deeper into the muscles to block their movement. Targeting the layer just under the skin means a shrinkage in pore size and a reduction in oil production – an effective answer to acne, breakouts, and oily skin. It is also very effective at smoothing out fine lines, giving a powder finish to the skin, while allowing your muscles to keep their movement.

Beautiphi nurses are using the new Microbotox applicator with clients to achieve spectacular, natural-looking results. Our clients are achieving smoother, more refined skin conditioning – it works in synergy with our other Botox treatments, or wonderfully as a stand-alone rejuvenation.

The procedure takes 35-40 minutes in total and is individually tailored.

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