Otara Flea Market – The Most Popular Market in Auckland

Auckland has something for everyone. If you believe in the mantra “shop till you drop”, then the Otara Flea Market is one such experience you must not miss. Located in the Otara town centre, this flea market is a melting pot of cultures and you will definitely see a lot of Polynesian influences. The best way to reach the flea market is by catching a train to Papatoetoe and then from there taking the bus to Otara. Otara is about 18 km to the south-east end of Auckland and the flea market is what draws most people to visit this awesome place.

Welcome to Otara Flea Market

The Otara Flea Market is bursting at the seams with great stalls to shop at, mouth-watering foods, amazing live music, and funky and vibrant fashion. This flea market started in 1976 and has been one of the things that makes Otara so special and popular in Auckland. Hosted every Saturday, you can see people from all over Auckland come down to be a part of this awesome event. If you want an authentic local experience of a never seen before flea market, then make sure you make some space in your travel calendar for this flea market. Not only is this flea market very entertaining and fun, but it also serves as a very important tool for community building in Otara.

Otara Flea Market

Otara Flea Market

What can you expect from the Otara flea market?

Be prepared to check out about 150 unique and varied stalls all featured items which you wouldn’t get in any ordinary shopping place. The Polynesian influence is quite prevalent at this flea market and you will be able to find a lot of Maori, Samoan and Tongan art pieces here as well, keeping in line with the heavy influence of these art forms in Auckland and New Zealand as well. Many organic farmers also sell their produce here and you will notice many locals stopping by in the morning to do their regular grocery shopping as well. While for some this flea market is a place for doing their regular shopping, a lot of people also come to just spend a great Saturday morning and afternoon here, surrounded by good food, company and music.

Cultural Richness and Carefree Space

Apart from being a great shopping experience, the organizers of the flea market have done a commendable job of making this a space of cultural richness and carefree space for people to hang out with their family and friends. Live music and dance performances make the Otara flea market stand out from the other markets in Auckland, which is what makes it so special.

Otara Flea Market

Otara Flea Market

Best Way to Spend Your Saturday

The best thing to do is to arrive early, spend the day gorging on some delicious kebabs, sushi, doughnuts, and other sweet-smelling foods which will make your tummy rumble and then burn off all those extra calories by walking around the flea market buying trinkets and souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. This is probably one of the best ways to spend your Saturday, especially if you’re craving to get the feel of an authentic New Zealand cultural experience.


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