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August 16, 2015 Written by Stacey - 0 Comments

New to NZ – Vectra 3D Camera – bringing 3D imagery to appearance medicine

Beautiphi is pleased to announce the introduction to NZ of the latest advance in 3D medical imaging for their appearance medicine clients.

The VECTRA 3D camera and Sculptor software were developed by Canfield Imaging Systems in America, the world’s leading provider of medical photography systems. The system uses 6 cameras to simultaneously take patient photos from multiple angles, producing a three-dimensional image – a visual and virtual reconstruction of your face.

We can then look at all the elements of the face, up-close and in 3D. We can see the skin and all the fine lines and pigment details. Using the Sculptor software, your appearance medicine professional is able to simulate the expected results of a variety of aesthetic procedures.

For procedures such as dermal fillers, we can take photos again immediately after the treatment and compare results in clear 3D imagery. For treatments that take longer to show results, such as Platelet-Rich Plasma, we do regular follow-ups with new images taken at each visit. The software lines up your series of 3D images in timeline order, showing the changes. Clients can see their own faces in rich 3D and see changes in structure, fullness, shape and skin condition resulting from treatments. Because the software removes any lighting condition changes, what you get to see are the true results of treatments – a much more accurate picture.

We can zoom in to see pigment changes, volume changes, pore condition, and also simulate the results of any fillers, or even surgical treatments if you are still considering your treatment options.

The Vectra 3D camera has a setting to show all the red lines and broken capillaries in the face and all the pigment that is stamped all over damaged skin. We can now put before and after photos side by side and show the real differences and improvements our treatments are having.

Stacey talks to Harriet Putney about 3D photo imaging,  the latest thing in skin diagnostics, the Vectra 3D Camera.

3D Vectra Camera

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