The Secret Dermal Re-modelling


Needling with heat to numbed skin.


2-4 hours


3 sessions boosted 6 monthly

Beautiphi welcomes you to experience “The Secret Dermal Re-modelling,” a truly transformative beauty service. We understand that the journey to enhanced beauty and self-confidence can be deeply personal, so our professionals approach your needs with sensitivity and a friendly, caring demeanour.

At Beautiphi, we strive to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring your experience is professional and leaves you feeling confident and refreshed. Our experts will guide you through the process with a gentle touch, making your quest for enhanced radiance a delightful and reassuring journey.



Little to no downtime – Dermal re-modelling from the inside out – Customised delivery of energy to tailor treatment for a variety of concerns for all skin types.

Micro-Needling Treatment With Fractional Radio Frequency

Creates healthy, stronger, more youthful skin through a combination of technologies: Needling prompts the body’s own wound healing mechanism and fractional radio frequency uses heat to create a small amount of controlled trauma under the skin, provoking skin remodelling and repair.

The Secret tricks the body into repairing itself and remodelling the dermis. This results in tighter, healthier, smoother skin and a more airbrushed appearance.

  • Collagen production
  • Fine Lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tightening
  • Scarring/acne scars
  • Decreases pore size
  • Photo-ageing
  • Striae (stretch marks)
  • Excessive Sweating 
  • Active Serums
  • Formulations that target concerns through use of cosmeceutical ingredients. 

Serums are applied after The Secret treatment has created thousands of micro openings in your skin.  Transdermal application with the Secret will allow serums to penetrate deep within the skin to the areas where they will create the greatest impact.

  • Formulated with powerful ingredients specific to your skin’s needs
  • Growth factor and fibroblast stimulation to increase cell turn-over
  • Nutrients and anti-oxidants to strengthen and repair skin
  • Anti-redness formulations
  • Anti-pigment and brightening serums
  • Anti-ageing concoctions specific to your needs, ie. tightening, wrinkles, etc

Applying cosmeceutical skin serums just onto the skin improves the skin texture, tone, and brightness, but applying skin serums after The Secret causes deeper penetration and far greater results.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRPT uses the healing part of your own blood (plasma) specially mixed to be platelet rich (super healing) to stimulate stem cells, promoting new skin growth.  It increases collagen and elastin, leading to thicker, less wrinkle prone skin, and healthier nutrient rich blood vessels.

Blood is drawn, spun and the healing and transformative part of your blood is taken, This is then trickled over the skin and injected into your areas of concern, promoting a massive regeneration.  Combined with The Secret, super charge your results!

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FAQs On Secret Dermal Re-modelling

  • The Secret $650
  • The Secret + Active serums $950
  • The Secret + PRPT (Platelet Rich Plasma) $1,200

The Secret Gold Transformation $2,200

  • 3 x treatments + Active serums

The Secret Platinum Regeneration $3,100

  • 3 x The Secret + PRPT (Platelet Rich Plasma)