What to know about Sky Tower, Auckland

One of the most iconic spots in Auckland, the Sky Tower has been standing tall for over 22 years. Essentially the Sky Tower is a telecommunications and observation tower which also functions as a hub for entertainment and various activities. Standing 328 meters tall, you can imagine the type of views you will be able to witness. Apart from this, the Sky Tower definitely becomes one of the top spots you just have to check out if you happen to have a day to explore the gorgeous Auckland City.

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Spend a Day at Sky Tower

If you love luxury and being pampered, then the Sky Tower is the place to be! The base of this telecommunications and observation tower is home to two of the best and most renowned hotels where you can go for an unforgettable dining experience. It is a must for foodies who crave awesome food and overall food-centric experience. If you think this was it, boy you thought wrong! With over 20 bars, a 700 people capacity theatre and a full-fledged casino in the tower, you can be sure that you’ll have one of the most memorable nights out with your friends and family of your life! The night sky view from the tower is just something else… you get a full 360-degree panoramic view. You can see up to 80km stretch at one go, something that you don’t get to do on a regular basis, which makes your day at the Sky Tower all the more memorable.

Not only that, but you can also use this iconic place to spot other iconic Auckland City spots like volcanoes and other historical monuments which you can’t do at any other place.

Gifts & Goodies

Ending your day at the Sky Tower Gift Shop is probably the best way to do it. Here you can pick up some souvenirs for your friends and family and choose between an adorable range of Kiwiana gifts and goodies. You can also have a comforting cup of coffee at the Sky Cafe. You must most definitely order a cappuccino, and full cheese board and even ice cream if you are feeling indulgent.

Beautiful Architecture

The Sky Tower was constructed by Fletcher Construction and Beca Group was responsible to handle all aspects of engineering for the tower-like design management, coordination, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and plumbing services and everything else in between which makes a place function properly. The Sky Tower has also received awards for its construction and services. The most notable award had been the award they received from the New Zealand Institute of Architects. The entire structure took almost three years to construct (2 years nine months to be exact) and was inaugurated on the 3rd of August 1997. While this structure is so exorbitant and grand and houses some of the best entertainment available, a lot of emphases was given to the safety features of this place so that everyone who enjoys the features and amenities of the Sky Tower could enjoy to their fullest extent. Built with an extremely resilient foundation, the Sky Tower is fit to stand tall even during an earthquake that measures 8 on the Richter Scale.


2C/1 Tika Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand





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