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Legal Executive Assistant

I’d like to tell you about my amazing experience with Beautiphi – it’s been a journey along a path to success.

It all started when I was 17 and broke out suddenly in the most terrible acne attack – a pretty life-changing experience for me – except it wasn’t at all pretty, far from it – I think I was the original pepperoni pizza face. The initial attack lasted about six months, after which it gradually subsided but never really went away. People said “you’ll grow out of it”, but I didn’t, and it continued to a lesser degree into full adulthood. The scarring I was left with devastated me and just about destroyed my confidence – a lot of it was “ice pick” scarring which I was told wasn’t possible to do anything about and I would just have to live with it. And so I did and every day I hated looking in the mirror.

About 20 years ago I finally went to see a dermatologist, not for the scarring, because I didn’t think there was anything that could be done about that, but to see if there was anything that could be done to stop the acne break-outs. At any given time I would have at least three volcanoes erupting on each cheek – Tongariro, Ngaruwahia and Ruapehu had nothing on me! The dermatologist prescribed medication for me which, hallelujah, worked and for the first time since I was 17 the volcanoes stopped erupting. That then left me with the dreadful scarring.

After taking the medication my sister treated me to a couple of Microdermabrasion treatments, which I continued to have and, over a period of about three years and 110 treatments, I decided that although it had helped a bit, it was a long slow process and my skin was about as good as I thought it was ever going to get and I left it at that. Then, about 18 months ago, I was introduced to the lovely Stacey from Beautiphi. Well! She turned things around for me. It’s amazing – Stacey studied my skin and recommended a series of Microdermabrasion treatments, alternated with Dermal Rolling.   This is a roller, covered in little spikes which is manually rolled over the skin surface in different directions, the premise being that if the skin’s surface is damaged it will encourage collagen production, break down the scar tissue and end with a smoother appearance – it sounds brutal, but it’s not unbearable as the skin is first prepared with an anaesthetic gel before treatment and then soothing creams are used afterwards. Don’t expect to look pretty when you leave Beautiphi after this treatment, but after a couple of days the skin settles down and after about a week to ten days the results are definitely noticeable. After a few treatments, even my badly damaged skin showed a marked (no pun intended!) improvement.

I have now progressed from Dermal Rolling to a newer treatment called a Dermal Stamp and then onto a Dermal Pen. These are both electrically motivated. Over the last nine months I have had two Dermal Stamp treatments and one Dermal Pen treatment, interspersed with some dermal rolling and microdermabrasion treatments three weeks to a month apart, and my dreadful, dreadful scarring is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. I know it’s there because I do my make up in a magnifying mirror, but my sister told me that she has to get really close up to see any scarring now and I’m totally thrilled with the results.

Stacey is absolutely wonderful. She will set up a proper stylised treatment regime of planned individual treatments to suit each person’s particular skin type/problem area with a great deal of care and attention and, is able to recommend, supply and apply the best products available to obtain the best possible results.

I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the Beautiphi team’s friendly and professional approach, and the care they have taken to discover a treatment regime for me that has had a truly amazingly successful result.

I cannot recommend Beautiphi enough – Do please try it, even if you have given up like I had!

Rebecca Ward

Mother of Twins

I was recommended the XCell Enzyme Away mask as a post-IPL treatment, to help slough away my dry, scaly skin.  To my delight this mask does everything it promises and then some.  One 20 minute application left my skin soft, bright, and smooth, much like an in-salon peel, and continued use has already helped settle breakouts caused by hormones and stress.  I have long been a sceptic about the benefits of expensive, topical, take-home products, but this mask really works and is well within budget – I’m sold!


Teacher, Mt Eden

Dear Stacey and Kathryn

Thank you both for always making me feel welcome. Whether it’s a phone call to ask for your advice or an appointment at the clinic, no question seems to be too small and nothing is ever a problem. Arriving at an appointment is like arriving at a friend’s house. It is always comfortable and inviting.

Stacey – your levels of communication are impeccable. Your range of knowledge is impressive and you always clearly explain expected outcomes, possible risks, and further options/treatments to achieve the best results.

Your passion for your work and willingness to go above and beyond is to be commended. You have a naturally caring nature, which is reflected in the way you care for your clients. This has always been appreciated.

Both mum and I can’t recommend you enough to friends and family.  Thank you for helping me gain a greater confidence with my skin.

I am truly grateful for your expertise and knowledge over the past 3 years.

Angie Tinks

Owner at Goodness Boutique, Herne Bay

I have been going to Beautiphi for over 3 years now for Dysport and fillers and couldn’t be happier with the results Stacey and her team have achieved with my skin. I had tried every product on the market to iron out the sun damage I have and Stacey said to try Xcell. So after 12 months using Flawless, Vitamin A serum, Saturate and the SPF40, and one Super Jessner peel later, I have the skin of a 30 year old and my sun damage has decreased by at least 60%. Stacey is an amazing technician when it comes to Dysport injections and I love the results she has given me. I have recommended Beautiphi to a lot of my friends as I am now getting compliments on how good I am looking and I want the same for them.


Legal Advisor

As a middle-aged man it is increasingly important to me to maintain a glowing, healthy complexion. Over the years I have found myself trying out a number of skin products as an alternative to treatments to find that ‘glow’, however, if truth be told, the results have never been totally satisfactory. I kept on applying product after product on my skin, ever hopeful that I would achieve results, which always seemed to elude me. I was then referred to Beautiphi by a friend of mine. From the outset I was impressed, as before I was allowed to try any form of product, Stacey went to great lengths to analyse my skin type before referring me to Xcell. So I began applying Xcell Anti-Oxidant Cleanser, Xcell Alive serum, followed by Xcell Saturate moisturiser and finally Xcell Screen Factor every morning, and then with the addition of Xcell Ultimate A, again every night. Within a month of using these Xcell products, I found that every second person I met commented on how well and fresh and healthy I looked, even after a late night out! Having not had any botox or similar treatment for well over a year, I reaslised that I had finally found a product that worked and kept working. Apart from providing me with a healthy, young glow to my skin, it has also slowly but surely removed my jowl, which is everyone’s pet hate. I have since referred the same products to another male friend of mine and I am somewhat blown away by the results I have seen Xcell have on him.

Skin care has come along way over the years, and in my opinion, Xcell leads the way. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who really does want to care for their skin.