Appearance medicine treatments Appearance medicine treatments

Refreshing your look

Think of an enhanced version of your natural self with improved symmetry, a radiant complexion and glowing beauty. We can help you achieve this, simply and effectively.

Clear Complexion Clear Complexion

Skin Care

A beautiful complexion makes you look better and feel more confident. Great skin care is the first essential step to achieving a radiant glow at any age.

BeautiPHIcation™ BeautiPHIcation™

Facial Mapping

Beautiphication™ uses the science of nature & mathematics to enhance the essence of your beauty, following the principles of beauty and harmony through divine proportions.

Finishing Touches Finishing Touches

Brows, Lashes & Teeth

Once you have all your basics covered; refined structure, decreased wrinkles, and beautiful skin, it’s nice to finish off your look with the little details.

Nutrition Nutrition

From the inside out

Just as part of the Beautiphi principle is to enhance the outer appearance, we also acknowledge the role that nutrition has in achieving the best possible outcomes.

Vectra 3D Camera Vectra 3D Camera

Bringing 3D imagery to appearance medicine

This system uses 6 cameras to take photos from multiple angles, producing a virtual reconstruction of your face, allowing us to look up-close and in 3D.

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