Teeth Whitening


Peroxide + Light

Recovery Time

2 days


$500 for 2

At Beautiphi, we’re dedicated to bringing out your most radiant smile. Our cutting-edge technology doesn’t just whiten your teeth – it transforms them into a dazzling, luminous masterpiece. We understand that your smile is as unique as yours, so we offer a personalised touch with every treatment.

Say goodbye to stains, discolouration, and dullness. Our advanced techniques will leave you with teeth that shine brighter than ever before, boosting your confidence and leaving a lasting impression. Trust Beautiphi to deliver a smile that lights up the room and reflects your individual beauty. 

Teeth whitening treatment FAQ:

Some people may experience some slight sensitivity during or after treatment – this is quite a normal occurrence and completely ceases after 24 hours.


No. Harmful light and heat are filtered out. The Laser Light operates at a lower temperature, increasing patient comfort levels and decreasing the risk of developing tooth sensitivity.


It only takes 45 minutes, but we book an hour to help people feel relaxed.

You have to get your hair done every 6 weeks, but your teeth you can get away with doing only every 6-12 months. You can get it done more regularly if you really love the look though as it doesn’t hurt and there’s no damage to your teeth.


Have a special day coming up?

A wedding is your perfect day to shine, so why not talk to us about wedding party specials incorporating skin refreshing and teeth whitening.

Make a beautiful, white smile part of your to-do list for any big occasion, whether it be a special date, job interview, birthday, or wedding.