Beautiphication™ – Facial mapping procedure

Mathematical formula for a perfectly symmetrical face –

Beautiphication™  – we bring you the mathematical system used throughout the centuries to understand and develop the proportions of natural beauty – science and nature come together and work to enhance your beauty.


The ‘golden ratio’ number phi exists in nature in many forms, offering a mathematical understanding of the ideal proportions for symmetry – it has also been used by painters, designers, and more recently, in the world of cosmetic enhancements and rejuvenation.


Beautiphication™ is a facial mapping procedure that guides your cosmetic professional in the ideal principles of beauty, symmetry, and harmony for each individual client, following the system of “divine” proportions.

At Beautiphi we follow these universal phi ratios for symmetry when mapping out the ideal positioning of cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers – nature’s system of mathematical balance works to enhance your features and restore symmetry.


Beautiphication™ – bringing nature and science together for natural beauty, symmetry, and balance.