Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for the Neck


Injections under the skin with PRP

Recovery Time

2 days


6-12 months

PRP for Neck Treatment –

Neck Treatment can be done most effectively with Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP. The skin on the neck is very sensitive and different from the face and can be damaged very easily. Because PRP uses your own platelets to rejuvenate the skin there is no risk of damaging it with overly aggressive treatments.

Having regular Neck treatments with PRP leads to a reduction in fine lines, less drooping, and a decrease of pigment. With successive treatments, most people can see a dramatic improvement in their Neck area. Loaded with growth factors that regrow tissue and regrow blood vessels, leading to more nutrients to the skin, and stem cells that work toward taking your skin back to its original state, PRP can only make your skin better.

It does take 3-6 months to regrow collagen and elastin so we know that it takes time for results to happen.  The first thing you may notice is a new glow to your skin, followed by a decrease of pigment. Over time you will see the lift and a decrease of wrinkles to the skin of your Neck.

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