Lifting or strutting with threads

Recovery Time

1 week to a month


3-13 months

There are different types of threads available.

At Beautiphi we have 2 kinds.  One is a long thread that is good for lifting tissues.  At least 2 are needed per side of the face or the neck and can achieve a lifting effect like that of a mini facelift. It works well to refresh someone who already has had a facelift.  Some people will require more than 2 per side to get their desired effect.  Typically you have some discomfort for about a week but no noticeable side effects to others.

The other kind is the mono thread.  This is like the icing on the cake type of thread and is better for fine works.  So lifting under the chin or smoothing out fine lines of the neck or the accordion lines (fine lines at the sides of the face)  They can do some lifting of a forehead.  They are excellent for defining the lips.  These  are very quick.  You can have 10 – 500 as many as you prefer. Unless you get any bruising, these are not obvious to others once you have your treatment.

To avoid bruising read this page:  Preparation to avoiding Bruising etc