Wellness and nutrition for Men Auckland


Done with Dysport

Recovery Time

6 months



Beautiphi for Men – Body

We have a range of treatments designed to rejuvenate and support men’s bodies as you navigate through the stresses of work and life. Beautiphi supports our male clientele in their goals of health, wellness, and rejuvenation, by bringing you our famous Nutritionist to work with you on keeping you fit and healthy on the inside.

We also bring you the new technology of Inshape, the exercise that stimulates muscle build up while blasting fat cells.  Read more here



Our professional nutritionist, Bronwen Anderson, will work with you to understand and discuss your goals for your body. Bronwyn is experienced in developing nutritional analyses and plans that work for you as an individual to achieve your goals. Men have different nutritional needs to women, and these needs vary over our lifetimes and according to our goals. Bronwyn will work with you to ensure your body is getting the attention it deserves on the inside, while the rest of the team at BeautipHi take care of rejuvenating and nourishing you on the outside.

To read more about the balanced approach our nutritionist takes, visit Bronwen Anderson’s short introduction to Nutrition.