Non-Surgical Nose Job


Filler to the nose area to enhance and straighten

Recovery Time

2 weeks


9-12 months

Non-surgical Nose Job FAQ –

What is the non-surgical nose job (Rhinoplasty) –

A non-surgical nose job is ideal for those who wish to have a more attractive nose without having to go through the possible complications, downtime, and high costs associated with Rhinoplasty (surgical nose correction). It is ideal for individuals with a wide variety of aesthetic nose complaints. This includes the crooked nose, depressions, small bridge, sharp angles, unattractive tip, bumps etc. By correcting these imperfections with FDA-approved dermal fillers, your nose will become smaller, more symmetric and attractive.

Choice of nose filler for a non-surgical nose job –

Belotero Intense® is the filler of choice for the non-surgical nose job. Within 30 minutes, an immediate correction will be achieved with minimum to no pain and no recovery or downtime. If you are considering nose reshaping, but do not wish to go through invasive and painful procedures, this revolutionary, safe and effective Non-surgical nose job is right for you.

What nose imperfection can be corrected with reshaping?

This procedure can lift and straighten the tip of your nose, camouflage a bump, unwanted dent or deviated nasal bridge. It can easily increase the height of the nasal bridge while retaining an ethnic identity, which is a common request by Asian clients.

Is the procedure painful?

Lidocaine applied during the procedure ensures minimum to no pain.

Is there any downtime?

Usually, the client can return to work the same day since there will be minimal swelling or bruising.

Which filler is better for me, Radiesse or Belotero Intense?

Both dermal Fillers are approved in Australia and New Zealand for implantation in the human face and have been safely used for years. Radiesse® lasts about 12-18 months. Belotero Intense® lasts about 1 year. Belotero Intense® may be a better choice for first-time clients who wish to ensure that they like their new look. It is possible to reverse the results of Belotero Intense® quickly by injecting a special enzyme, Hyaluronidase, which will dissolve Belotero Intense®.  Stacey also feels that Belotero Intense® is a safer option.

Why non-surgical nose job is better than traditional Rhinoplasty?

It is minimally invasive, therefore there is minimal downtime. It is much more affordable since traditional nose rhinoplasty, which can cost between $5000-8000. A non-surgical nose job is also reversible. Results are very subtle, therefore you will look better, but not like a person who has had a nose job.  You must also be aware of the risks and have a full consultation with Stacey to ensure you are fully informed of these before treatment.

Won’t the treatment make my nose look bigger?

No, your nose will remain the same size and may appear smaller.

How do I know if the non-surgical nose job will work for me?

A non-surgical nose job is effective for many types of nose imperfections. To be certain this procedure is right for you, call us to schedule a consultation with Stacey. She will determine if non-surgical nose reshaping will give you the results you desire.