Chin Enhancement with Dermal Filler


Volumising and shaping with hyaluronic acid

Recovery Time

3 days


1 year

How is Non-Surgical Chin enhancement different from Surgical Chin Enhancement –

Traditional Surgical chin Enhancement is performed under general anesthesia and involves up to two weeks of chin swelling and pain. In contrast, Stacey Power RN offers a non-surgical chin enhancement using Belotero Intense or Teosyal options of injectable dermal fillers.

This procedure produces minimal to no pain since lidocaine is injected to block pain locally. The filler, when injected into precise areas of the chin via a small needle, results in the enhancement of your chin area and improvement of your profile. Results are instant without any major swelling or pain.

Another advantage of the non-surgical chin enhancement is that the client has total control over how much correction he/she wants by observing the procedure with a hand-held mirror and giving feedback.

Chin enhancement using dermal filler FAQ’s

Non-surgical chin enhancement is performed in a 15-minute visit with a check about 1-2 weeks later. Minor swelling and tenderness may last for about a week or two. The fillers we use typically last about one year. Since our faces change as we age, precise adjustments of the chin with this non-invasive approach allow a perpetually natural look. In contrast, traditional chin implants are permanent and may no longer be attractive as your face changes with time.

Is the procedure painful?

Since local anesthesia is used the procedure is pain-free.

How much downtime will there be?

Usually, the client can return to work the same day since there is not much chin swelling or bruising.

Why use Belotero Intense® or Teosyal® range of dermal fillers?

These dermal fillers last about 9-12 months and so is a great choice for a first-time patient who is not sure if they will like their new look and feels anxious about the results. It is possible to reverse the results of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers quickly by injecting a special enzyme, Hyaluronidase, which dissolves the filler.

Why should I consider the non-surgical chin augmentation?

It is minimally invasive, therefore there is almost no downtime and there are no risks as there are with surgery. It is much more affordable and it is reversible. It is a great choice for a younger individual since cosmetic needs may change as the face changes.