Mono Threads


Tiny fine threads to strut skin

Recovery Time

1 day - 2 weeks


$130 for 10 sessions

Mono threads are smooth threads without barbs. These thread types are great for tightening up the skin when lifting is not really required. Multiple mono threads are placed into the face in a mesh-like fashion for a great skin-tightening effect. Mono threads are made from the same material as dissolving internal stitches. What this means is when placed into areas that need a little extra tightening, collagen forms around the threads, providing tightening in the skin. The thread dissolves, leaving newly formed collagen which firms and tightens up the skin area.

This treatment works really well in areas such as necklines, neck sagginess, the forehead, and under eyes – but you can apply them anywhere in the skin. Between 10-20 mono threads are usually inserted for each treatment area.  Mono threads tighten the skin but without significant lifting – therefore they are often used together with cog threads to give an overall improvement in face tightening and rejuvenation.  Think of mono threads as the final, topcoat, or as I call them, the icing on the cake, in thread work.  Sometimes these can also be used as a cheaper alternative to fillers.

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