PRP with the U225 Gun


Painless injections of PRP

Recovery Time

1 hour


3-6 months

What is the U225 PRP Gun?

The U225 gun is based on aeronautical industry technology – it introduces a robust delivery device resulting in an almost painless treatment.  The U225 gun combines needling and cannula into one treatment process – what’s more, the pain is tolerable without the need for numbing cream. The U225 gun revolutionises the way we deliver treatments – faster treatment time and less pain.

Are there any side effects?

PRP is autologous, which means it’s from your own body, so there are no allergic reactions, as it is your own blood. It has a healing effect and the results we are getting with Beautiphi clients are amazing. If you want deeply hydrated skin, you have to try this treatment.

Some of our clients are using less and less of botulinum toxins (Botox®, Dysport® & Xeomin®) and dermal filler, instead preferring the more natural results which come from using the healing properties from their own blood.

Currently only available in our Auckland clinic.