Natural Fillers/ Anteis Dermal Fillers – Detailed Review

Natural Fillers/ Anteis Dermal Fillers – Detailed Review

Precision And Innovation Establish Anteis As Leader In Dermal Filler Technology

On a global scale, Swiss-made products have become synonymous with precision, innovation and a meticulous eye for detail. Driven by a strong work ethic and an unyielding commitment, Anteis S.A. (Geneva, Switzerland) has developed into a leading global player in today’s highly competitive aesthetic industry.

Anteis currently markets its innovative products in 93 countries worldwide, excluding the U.S. and China. The ambitious company enjoys an average and consistent global market share of 9% in the dermal filler sector; however, Anteis’ market share is 20% in Australia and Canada, and as high as 25% in Greece. The once small, but visionary company has quickly made its mark and has established itself on the global stage as a highly driven contender, matching the competition and surpassing its own set goals.

Since its emergence in 2003, Anteis has strengthened the aesthetic market with its intelligently engineered and inventive injectable medical products based on biopolymer transformation. Anteis novel platform spans several specialties including aesthetic dermatology, ophthalmology and orthopedics.In the aesthetic dermatology arena, Anteis offers four dermal filler lines including Esthélis, Mesolis, Fortélis and their recently marketed Modélis line.

“We have a range of four different kinds of products that one could characterize by viscosity; however, technologically- speaking all are different in terms of manufacturing methods and therefore can address a wider range of aesthetic indications,” said Gilles Bos, CEO of Anteis S.A.

How Anteis is different from other Dermal Fillers?

According to Mr. Bos, the differences between these dermal filler products can be seen in their elasticity, viscosity, and cohesivity, all of which are parameters that are fine-tuned and carefully chosen in order to cater to a specific aesthetic indication. Our products range from more superficial injections down to subcutaneous injections and address all cosmetic indications. Based on hyaluronic acid from bio-fermentation, Anteis’ novel dermal filler lines are composed of a monophasic, polydensified gel that results in smoother more homogenous filling of tissues, achieving a more natural and consistent aesthetic result.

“Each technology has advantages and disadvantages, and each product can address a different spectrum of indications,” Mr. Bos began. “For example, some older generation dermal fillers take a bi-phasic approach. However, we firmly believe that monophasic products are the future, offering superior technology proven in biopsies and clinical development. They simply have a higher safety profile and fewer adverse events,” he said.

Treatment and Rejuvenation with Anteis Dermal Filler

The Esthélis range (Esthélis Basic and Esthélis Soft) can effectively treat fine lines and superficial wrinkles and can be very useful in the enhancement of lip volume. The Mesolis range (Mesolis and Mesolis+) is optimal for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention through skin rehydration. “The Mesolis product range is our cornerstone mesotherapy rehydration product,” said Mr. Bos.“The Mesolis+ line has a very special combination of hyaluronic acid and glycerol, and is probably the first product in its class that actually demonstrates evidence of aesthetic effect.”

For the treatment of deeper lines and fold correction, the Fortélis range (Fortélis Extra) offers a great deal of elasticity. It is ideal for the treatment of nasolabial folds and improvements in the contours of the face. However, for deeper and large volume enhancing indications, Anteis has introduced the new Modélis range. This novel dermal filler received a CE mark in January 2010 and entered the market in October 2010.“We are very happy to confirm that at the end of 2010 we received positive feedback with our Modélis range, supported by high satisfaction and quality results,” Mr. Bos said.

Since establishing the company in 2003, strategists at Anteis opted for a marketing approach that resulted in launching a new dermal filler product approximately every two years. Contrary to some other aesthetic device companies, Anteis was not in a hurry to develop one product that fits all cosmetic needs, as a single dermal filler product wielded as an aesthetic panacea may be unrealistic.

“We at Anteis concentrate on developing specific technologies that are adapted to each indication. At the end of the day, this strategy has paid off, as the products that we’ve developed have very unique features for specific aesthetic indications compared to products in the same class from other manufacturers,” Mr. Bos advised.

Anteis fillers are now known as Belotero Fillers and owned by Merz.