Importance of Platelet Count in PRPT Treatment and 6 Reasons Platelet Count Is Low

Importance of Platelet Count in PRPT Treatment and 6 Reasons Platelet Count Is Low

Platelet counts are important for optimum results in treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma. The better your platelets are, the better your results. You can have a blood test and check your platelet count to determine whether you will have a great response to PRPT but most people don’t bother.

Below are the 6 definite factors that we know of that will decrease your platelets.

  • Alcohol damages the bone marrow having a direct toxic effect on the production and survival time of platelets.
  • Low platelet count can manifest in many ways such as ease of bruising but more importantly slow healing of wounds which points to not enough platelets and poor quality of platelets.
  • Most people are not told their platelet count when they get a blood test however the platelets are always measured on a Complete Blood Count so patients could ask their Dr to look back on previous blood test results rather than having to have a special one-off blood test to find out.”
  • I would suggest that someone who celebrates dinner every night with a glass or two of wine would probably be fine, however, if they have a drinking problem and have signs that they indulge more than this and have more seriously damaged skin or blood vessels wouldn’t be ideal candidates for PRPT.
  • If you smoke we believe that will decrease your platelet count, however, Stacey is getting some great results on some smokers.
  • If you have cancer or have had cancer, you will no doubt have a low platelet count due to your treatments. We don’t treat people with cancer with PRPT as we prefer not to take the risk in spreading your condition.

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