Teosyal ® Pen


Painless injection with metered injection of dermal fillers

Recovery Time

2 weeks


6-24 months

Advanced painless Dermal filler delivery –

Teosyal® Pen – the next level in painless cosmetic dermal filler delivery.

Everybody hates pain – it’s one of the reasons why some of us, although attracted to the rejuvenation potential of cosmetic injections, put off exploring their known benefits. Now, thanks to the Teosyal®Pen, the revolutionary new hyaluronic filler delivery system, gentle injections are now possible.

First clinic in New Zealand to introduce Teosyal® Pen

We at Beautiphi are excited to be the very first clinic in New Zealand to introduce the Teosyal®Pen for dermal filler treatments. The Teosyal®Pen is a cordless, motorized, electronically-controlled, filler delivery system.

This new technology prevents peaks of pressure that can come about through traditional, manual injections of dermal fillers. It delivers a smooth, continuous and gentle flow of hyaluronic acid electronically, and is especially recommended for treatment of delicate areas around the mouth and eyes.

The Teosyal®Pen provides your medical professional with complete control over pressure, speed and product quantity, for a precise and very natural look, painlessly.

Cutting Edge Technology – No pain means minimal bruising and a superior outcome.

According to a study carried out by Teosyal, of 2,000 patients who had previously been injected with dermal fillers manually, 95% reported that the Teosyal pen was at least 60% less painful than the manual injections. At Beautiphi, Stacey Power strives for the latest solutions to improve patients’ comfort and to reduce recovery time – pioneering the most innovative technologies that give natural, painless, smoother results.

Price of Teosyal®Pen –

Purchase a Teosyal filler treatment and the Teosyal®Pen technology is FREE!