Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne & Rosacea

Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne & Rosacea

Hydrogen peroxide for acne is one of the simplest and least expensive acne treatment methods.

My friend Rachel has been telling me about the many wonders of hydrogen peroxide.  Another friend of mine Kirsty has cancer in her brain and is not in great shape, and I suffer from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  In reading about using hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for these ailments I also discovered it is an effective treatment for acne and found this website that might be of interest to some people..above, also discussing the treatment of acne scarring with natural home products…I’m not too sure if these work but the rationale behind it seems sound to me.

Since writing this post I’ve also discovered that hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic treatment for Rosacea. My mother has rosacea across her nose. she buys hydrogen peroxide at her local chemist, I’m not too sure if it is the same strength as in New Zealand. In the States, they use it a lot for cleaning wounds. This is her advice, from experience, which I have recently sent to a client.

She said when your rosacea flares it’s what you ate 3 days before…it takes that long for a reaction. She said avocado, red wine and chocolate, and spinach set her off.

She makes a paste out of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and leaves it on for 4 mins. She would do it every morning, sometimes twice a day…don’t put any creams or anything on your face where the Rosacea is. Salma Hayek, the film star, puts out a cream for spot breakouts on your face and this is the only thing that she thinks works so far that she’s tried for it.

Hot and sweaty sets it off and cold winds. Antibiotics can clear it up for a while but it comes back as soon as you stop them….no saunas.

Jody Burke from About Skin also has a write up on rosacea. Typically beauty therapists use a combination of skin care and IPL treatments and have some good effects against Rosacea. Aspect skincare has products with seabuckthorn which also is shown to fight against breakouts.

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