Pros and Cons of Preventative Botox

Preventative Botox Cosmetic Treatment NZ

Pros and Cons of Preventative Botox

We all know that it’s not just the outside that matters, but also the inside. Looks do matter, but they are not the only thing that matter. Your looks can though give people a framework of how they perceive you, how you feel about yourself, and your levels of self esteem.

But when really young people start obsessing over their non-existing wrinkles and fine lines, which are honestly not even that visible to people on a daily basis, and get obsessed to such an extent that they feel the need to get Botox shots “just in case”, well that’s where we need to step back, analyze, and recognize our relationship with our physical appearance.

What is preventative Botox?

While Botox is a drug that is used for corrective measures, people have started to use it for preventative measures as well. Which basically means that before any signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, Botox is injected so that those lines can be prevented from the get go. All signs of aging are kept at bay this way.

Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of preventative Botox, so that you have the knowledge necessary before you go sign yourself up for a shot.

What do specialists have to say about this trend?

As Botox is known to make older people look younger, counter-intuitively, if someone takes heavy doses of Botox from a young age, they can in fact start looking a bit more mature and older. So you end up following the same road that you were trying to avoid. Faces are meant to move and express, and when you take excessive Botox, your face does not move, making you look cold and distorted. Yes, you are able to elude wrinkles to some extent, but at what cost?

When we smile, frown or use our face to express our feelings, the muscles of our face contract. This repeated contraction can begin the onset of wrinkles. So when Botox is injected in that muscle, it prevents those muscles from contracting, hence giving you a wrinkle-free look.

Pros of preventative Botox:

  • Prevents or delays the onset of wrinkles
  • You can prevent and push the need for any sort of cosmetic surgery
  • It is subtle and will not draw any unwanted attention to your face
  • You don’t have to make any changes in your existing lifestyle

Cons of preventative Botox:

  • The results are not obvious, as it is a prevention, not a corrective step
  • Once you start this journey, you will need regular appointments with your medical professional
  • It can make you look cold, expressionless and in fact, older
  • Your face can appear less normal and more distorted over the years
  • Starting injecting Botox from a young age will weaken your muscles
  • Speeds up the aging process of skin and muscles
  • It is expensive and you will need regular touch-ups

If you are someone who is considering getting preventative Botox, maybe you should consider these lifestyle changes instead:

  • Indulge in a nutrient heavy diet, and avoid packaged food
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, smoking
  • Reduce your sun exposure and always wear sunscreen
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water
  • Keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing it regularly
  • Invest in a clean and long-lasting skin care routine to keep your skin as youthful as ever
  • Go for some skin repairing treatments once in a while to give your skin the treat it deserves

Let’s talk about money! Is preventative Botox expensive?

The bluntest way to answer this is – yes! There is considerable expenditure involved in signing up for a process like this, which requires long-term commitment and also plenty of after-care rituals. Plus, you can’t skip the high grade SPF sunscreen either. So, factor in these expenses before you go ahead and sign yourself up for this.

Is preventative Botox necessary?

In simple terms, no. But if you are someone who struggles with skin issues and are not able to find any other resolution, then give it a try. But also consider making the switch to a healthier lifestyle by making minor tweaks in your life, and the results will lead to a healthier body, healthier mind and healthier skin, minus the expense and additional botox appointments. So, weigh your pros and cons, consult a professional, and make an informed decision.

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